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Contribute to the magazine.


We're always interested to hear from people who are interested in writing for the magazine. Drop the editor an email with a brief description of your idea and he'll get back to you. For guidance, features will usually be between 800 and 1,500 words in length, although this is not set in stone. Occasionally we may also consider short stories. Unfortunately, at present, we can't offer a fee for your work but if the magazine becomes successful we hope to change that in the future. Send your pitches to We'd also love to hear from clubs and societies dedicated to Sherlock Holmes, and publishers of new Holmes books. And if you're organising a Sherlockian event, putting on a Holmesian production, or have a new product connected to the Great Detective, please let us know about it.


Share your comments and observations.


We're particularly keen to hear your Holmesian comments and observations for our letters page. If you'd like to see your name in print in our very first edition, get in touch as soon as you can. Perhaps you have a favourite story, a new theory about the Canon or a cracking joke at Lestrade's expense. Maybe you've watched a great film, or have a Sherlockian collection you'd like to share with fellow fans. Whatever's on your mind, please do drop us a line at If you keep your letters pithy and punchy we are more likely to publish them. Try and stick to a maximum of 250 words.




If you run a business that would be of interest to readers of Sherlock Holmes Magazine, please get in touch to discuss competitive rates. We are also particularly keen to consider potential contra arrangements. In the first instance, email