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Issue 15 of Sherlock Holmes Magazine is out now. See below for full details.

Issue 15 - Winter 2023/24

What's inside Issue 15 of Sherlock Holmes Magazine:


  • News

  • The enduring appeal of Holmes on stage
    Why theatre producers keep returning to Sherlock

  • Staging The Speckled Band
    The story of Conan Doyle’s stage play

  • She is always the woman
    Our tribute to Gayle Hunnicutt

  • Finding Watson’s voice
    In conversation with Bonnie MacBird

  • More than one string to his bow
    Was there more than just music behind Holmes’s love of the violin?

  • Sherlock Holmes through the lens
    A closer look at magnifying glasses and microscopes

  • The other assistants
    It wasn’t just Watson who helped Holmes

  • Mrs Hudson’s Diary
    Some snippets from the world of Sherlock

  • Holmes from A to B
    Canonical transport

  • Audio adventures
    We chat to the writer of new podcast Sherlock & Co.

  • The Adventure of the Scorched Soldier
    The first part of an exciting short story

  • The medical detective
    The medical fact and fiction of The Blanched Soldier

  • Books

  • Crossword & cartoon

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