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Issue 17 of Sherlock Holmes Magazine is out now. See below for all the details

Issue 17 front.png
Issue 17 - Summer 2024

What's inside Issue 17 of Sherlock Holmes Magazine:


  • ​News

  • Moriarty? Make it so…
    An interview with Star Trek’s Daniel Davis

  • An ancestor of time
    The connection between Spock and Sherlock

  • Treklockian logic
    Why are so many fans of Star Trek also Sherlockians?

  • Decoding the Dancing Men
    The remarkable origins of a remarkable story

  • From page to stage
    Meet the makers of a new Holmesian opera

  • Holmes and the opera
    Sherlock’s surprising passion

  • Granada Holmes fan favourites
    Viewers discuss their favourite episodes

  • Stonyhurst storyteller
    Conan Doyle’s academic inspirations

  • Angels of Darkness
    A forgotten Sherlock Holmes play

  • Portsmouth’s Conan Doyle years
    What was the city like when Arthur lived there?

  • Mrs Hudson’s Diary

  • The Non-Adventure of the Marie Celeste
    A complete short story by Frank Emerson

  • Books

  • Crossword & cartoon

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