Issue 6 of Sherlock Holmes Magazine is now available. See below for full details.

Issue 6 - Autumn 2021

Issue 6 of Sherlock Holmes Magazine contains a huge array of articles about your favourite detective. Here is what you can expect:


  • Holmes under the Hammer: The story of how Hammer adapted the most famous of all Holmes stories for the big screen – and ran into trouble creating a sufficiently scary Hound

  • Paris, Poe and the apprenticeship of Sherlock Holmes: Billy Rough talks to award-winning author Stephen Volk

  • Sherlockian Scribblings: David Stuart Davies discusses modern-day presentations of Holmes, including the BBC’s Sherlock, Elementary and the Sherlock Holmes films.

  • Illustrating The Sign of the Four

  • Meet the Gillettes: T Rick Jones interviews the couple who have played William and Helen Gillette at the actor’s former home Gillette Castle for almost twenty years

  • The Case of the Missing Lady: The disappearance of Agatha Christie caused a global sensation, and despite a massive investigation, the novelist could not be found. In desperation, police asked for help – from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

  • Was Watson, Holmes? Bruce Harris asks a startling question. Were Watson and Holmes the same person?

  • Scotland Yard versus Sherlock Holmes: Daniel L Friedman and Eugene B Friedman investigate Holmes’s relationship with the officers of the London police force

  • To boldly go where no Sherlockian has gone before: Nicko Vaughan casts an irreverent eye over a made-for-schools programme featuring Leonard Nimoy as the great detective

  • Una Stubbs tribute: A look at the career of the woman described as “the irreplaceable heart and soul” of BBC Sherlock

  • Sentimental Sherlock: Johanna Draper Carlson discusses The Blanched Soldier and the case of a missing Watson

  • Moriarty the mathematician: How two Oxford dons imagined the maths of Moriarty for the big screen

  • Facing my Fears: For novelist Tim Major, the prospect of penning a Sherlock Holmes novel was a daunting one

  • Plus: All your favourite regulars, including books, news, and a Holmesian crossword.