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Issue 16 of Sherlock Holmes Magazine is out now. See below for all the details

Cover Issue 16 Spring 2024.jpg
Issue 16 - Spring 2024

What's inside Issue 16 of Sherlock Holmes Magazine:


  • News

  • A surprise Sherlock
    Mark Gatiss introduces a new ‘Holmes’

  • Birth of a legend
    The first broadcast of Granada’s Holmes

  • Granada greats
    We reveal readers’ favourite Jeremy Brett episodes

  • The jewel in the crown
    Keith Frankel’s appraisal of the winning episode

  • Sherlock Jr. – 100 years of laughter
    We celebrate the centenary of an iconic film

  • Like grandfather, like grandson
    The hereditary makeup of Sherlock Holmes

  • An Evening with Sherlock Holmes
    T Rick Jones discovers a little-known play

  • Deutsche detektive
    The extraordinary success of German audio plays

  • A case of identity
    The real-life Milverton – or was he?

  • Mrs Hudson’s Diary

  • The Adventure of the Scorched Soldier
    The concluding part of our exciting short story

  • Animal magic
    A quirky new Baker Street board game reviewed

  • There’s something about Mary
    Four Italian Sherlockians detail the adventures of Mary Morstan

  • Books

  • Crossword & cartoon

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