Issue 7 of Sherlock Holmes Magazine is now available. See below for full details.

Issue 7 - Winter 2021/22

Issue 7 of Sherlock Holmes Magazine is bursting with Sherlockian goodness. Here's a look at what you can expect:


  • News

  • Behind the scenes of Enola Holmes 2

  • An unforgettable meeting: David Stuart Davies recalls his conversations with the legendary Jeremy Brett

  • Chaplin and Holmes: The story of how a young Charlie learned from the early Sherlockian greats

  • Dickens meets Doyle: A new stage play for Christmas

  • The international detective: Holmes’s adventures around the world

  • Handmade Holmes: A look at some quirky Holmesian gift ideas

  • 221B in miniature: A remarkable scale model

  • More than meets the eye: Investigating the hidden meaning behind Holmes’s cocaine habit

  • Feeling adventurous: Graphic novels with a puzzling twist

  • How to survive a Sherlockian binge

  • The life and times of a deductionist

  • Conan Doyle Speed Demon: The writer’s escapades on four wheels

  • Mrs Hudson’s Diary

  • Adventures in the USSR: A Russian perspective on a classic series

  • Books

  • Crossword & cartoon