Issue 3 of Sherlock Holmes Magazine is now available. See below for full details.

Sherlock Holmes Magazine Winter_2020_21_
Issue 3 - Winter 2020/21

Issue 3 is brimming with Sherlockian delights. Here is a taster:


  • Sister Act: An interview with Nancy Springer, creator of Enola Holmes.

  • Basil and the Hound: An exclusive extract from the new Basil Rathbone biography by David Clayton

  • Back to the Future: Dean Wilkinson delves into the TV archives to uncover some of the more fanciful Sherlock Holmes reboots of the past few decades

  • From Russia with Love: An exclusive interview with Maksim Matveev, the star of Sherlock: The Russian Chronicles, and its director, Nurbek Egen

  • Man or machine? Does Holmes have emotions or is he really a 'calculating machine'?

  • Female detectives of Victorian London: The real life Enolas of the 19th Century

  • Sherlockian Greetings: The remarkable Christmas cards created by Richard Ray Green Jr and his son Joshua

  • Rathbone's Return: Robert J Harris discusses his new wartime Holmes novel

  • 10 years of Sherlock: The inside story of how Benedict Cumberbatch met Martin Freeman

  • Science of deduction: Investigating the Victorian idea of a 'criminal face'

  • The Truth: A short story with a Twist in the tale by DJ Browning

  • Was Holmes spying on Watson?

  • Miss Sherlock

  • Puzzling Times: Sherlock Holmes jigsaws reviewed

  • David Stuart Davies on Holmes the agony aunt

  • Bruce Harris on Dr Watson's time to shine


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