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Sherlock Holmes Magazine Issue 13, Summer 2023. Postage is calculated when you check out.

Issue 13

  • 🇪🇺 IMPORTANT NOTE: Magazines are sent on a Delivered Duty Unpaid basis. This means that if you live in the European Union, your magazines may be subject to addtional import duty levied by customs and you may be required to pay duty and administration fees before copies of the magazine are released to you by your post office or mail delivery service.

  • Details of what's inside Issue 13 of Sherlock Holmes Magazine:

    • News
    • Holmes in a war zone
      The team working with Sherlock in Ukraine
    • 221B Con
      Ten years of Sherlockian community
    • Granada, you have a problem!
      How Granada’s Holmes series almost didn’t happen
    • Dogs, Lestrade and Watson
      An unlikely connection
    • City Holmes, Country Holmes
      Did a change of scene change Sherlock?
    • Sherlockian Scribblings
      Baker Street and booze
    • Curating Conan Doyle
      Meet the man behind a remarkable website
    • Editing the canon
      New Oxford Sherlock Holmes editions
    • The Case of Parnell and the Irish Forger
      A complete short story based on historical fact
    • Sherlock and the Sea Devils
      Did Doctor Who inspire show’s final episode?
    • Mrs Hudson’s Diary
      Snippets you may have missed
    • The Flitwick Bridge Mystery
      A railway crime that would have interested Holmes
    • Books
    • Crossword & cartoon
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