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Sherlock Holmes Magazine Issue 14, Autumn 2023. Postage is calculated when you check out.

Issue 14

  • 🇪🇺 IMPORTANT NOTE: Magazines are sent on a Delivered Duty Unpaid basis. This means that if you live in the European Union, your magazines may be subject to addtional import duty levied by customs and you may be required to pay duty and administration fees before copies of the magazine are released to you by your post office or mail delivery service.

  • Details of what's inside Issue 14 of Sherlock Holmes Magazine:


    • News
    • Inside the mind of a graphic novelist
      Interview with Benoit Dahan and Cyril Lieron
    • The scourge of Scotland Yard?
      What real-life detectives thought of Holmes
    • Psych and Sherlock
      Chat with the star of Psych, James Roday Rodriguez
    • Amazing, Holmes!
      Nigel Bruce as Dr Watson
    • The case of the Olympic Marathon
      Conan Doyle’s part in an iconic sporting moment
    • Finding religion
      Holmes’s search for a spiritual connection
    • Mrs Hudson’s Diary
      Sherlockian snippets you may have missed
    • A lost world
      Unearthing the missing 1967 BBC TV series Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    • The Last Will and Testament of Sherlock Holmes
      A complete short story by Lawrence Kelter
    • The good doctor
      Assessing the many merits of Dr Watson
    • Emulating Conan Doyle
      Q&A with pastiche writer Caiden Cooper Myles
    • Delightfully diverse
      The inspirations behind a very modern Sherlock Holmes story
    • New books
    • Crossword & cartoon


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