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Sherlock Holmes Magazine Issue 15, Winter 2023/24. Postage is calculated when you check out.

Issue 15

  • 🇪🇺 IMPORTANT NOTE: Magazines are sent on a Delivered Duty Unpaid basis. This means that if you live in the European Union, your magazines may be subject to addtional import duty levied by customs and you may be required to pay duty and administration fees before copies of the magazine are released to you by your post office or mail delivery service.

  • Details of what's inside Issue 15 of Sherlock Holmes Magazine:


    • News

    • The enduring appeal of Holmes on stage
      Why theatre producers keep returning to Sherlock

    • Staging The Speckled Band
      The story of Conan Doyle’s stage play

    • She is always the woman
      Our tribute to Gayle Hunnicutt

    • Finding Watson’s voice
      In conversation with Bonnie MacBird

    • More than one string to his bow
      Was there more than just music behind Holmes’s love of the violin?

    • Sherlock Holmes through the lens
      A closer look at magnifying glasses and microscopes

    • The other assistants
      It wasn’t just Watson who helped Holmes

    • Mrs Hudson’s Diary
      Some snippets from the world of Sherlock

    • Holmes from A to B
      Canonical transport

    • Audio adventures
      We chat to the writer of new podcast Sherlock & Co.

    • The Adventure of the Scorched Soldier
      The first part of an exciting short story

    • The medical detective
      The medical fact and fiction of The Blanched Soldier

    • Books

    • Crossword & cartoon


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