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Sherlock Holmes Magazine Issue 11, Winter 2022/23. Postage is calculated when you check out.

Issue 11

  • 🇪🇺 IMPORTANT NOTE: Magazines are sent on a Delivered Duty Unpaid basis. This means that if you live in the European Union, your magazines may be subject to addtional import duty levied by customs and you may be required to pay duty and administration fees before copies of the magazine are released to you by your post office or mail delivery service.

  • Details of what's inside Issue 11 of Sherlock Holmes Magazine:



    • News
    • A day with David Burke
      The 3,500-mile trip to meet a Sherlockian legend
    • The criminal world of Holmes
      A look at Sherlock’s underworld connections
    • Lost and found
      Long-forgotten parodies and pastiches
    • The Timeless Sherlock Holmes
    • Enola Holmes 2
      Henry Cavill on his “warmer” Sherlock
    • Conan Doyle, boy detective
      The story behind the Artie Conan Doyle Mysteries
    • Creating a new take on Holmes
      Comic-book writer Jeff Rider
    • Empire building
      Joel Meadows on his Sherlock Holmes comic strips
    • Writing a Christmas special
      With pastiche writer Tim Major
    • Sherlockian scribblings
      Reviewing Cushing on the box
    • The Jessica Fletcher connection
      A Holmesian tribute to Angela Lansbury
    • Ideal Holmes?
      The Blue Carbuncle assessed
    • Monkey business
      The science behind The Creeping Man
    • Mrs Hudson’s Diary
    • Theatre
      Tal Aviezer and Colin Baker
    • Books
    • Crossword & cartoon
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