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The original version of Issue 2 is out of stock. However, to mark the 40th anniversary of the Granada TV Sherlock Holmes series, we have published a new edition of Issue 2, featuring even more Jeremy Brett/Granada Holmes content than before. 

Issue 2 - 2024 edition

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    This celebratory issue includes a wealth of new Jeremy Brett/Granda Holmes content not found in the original:

    NEW COVER: The new issue features a new version of the original cover, with a striking new Ruby anniversary colour palette, the removal of some cover lines, and the addition of a Granada Holmes 40th anniversary logo.
    NEW FEATURE: A feature previewing the Enola Holmes film that appeared in the original version of this issue has been replaced with an article about the Granada Holmes series that has never been published before.
    NEW PICTURE SPREADS: The inside covers will be completely changed from the original, with this latest version featuring a gallery of glorious images of Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes.
    NEW GRANADA HOLMES PUZZLE: The crossword puzzle from the original version has been replaced with a brand-new prize crossword focused on Jeremy Brett and the Granada Holmes series. The winner will receive a Jeremy Brett-themed prize.
    NEWLY REVISED CONTENT: A number of errors in the original edition have been corrected.
    NEW CONTENTS PAGE: The contents page has been updated to reflect the changes in this issue.

    The original issue carried several articles about Jeremy Brett and the Granada Holmes series, which will be retained in this new version:

    Remembering Reichenbach
    The story of how producers pulled off the filming of The Final Problem, including a stunt described by one national newspaper as “one of the most frightening television sequences ever made.” This fascinating feature includes an exclusive interview with Hans Thöni, the former owner of the Sherlock Holmes Hotel, in Meiringen, a small town near the Reichenbach Falls. He ended up acting as local "fixer" for the Granada crew.
    Jeremy Brett: Playing a Part
    Extracts from the eagerly awaited filmography by Maureen Whittaker, released on the twenty-fifth anniversary of Jeremy Brett’s death. Includes interviews with the actor and pictures from throughout his career.
    A Study in Brett
    Sculptor James O’Neill has spent years on a seemingly never-ending quest to capture the perfect likeness of Jeremy Brett in clay. "His was definitely the most challenging face I’d ever encountered" he reveals. Yet the results are uncanny.

    This issue is not just about Jeremy Brett and Granada Holmes. There is plenty more fantastic Sherlockian content too. Highlights include: 

    The BBC Holmes Service
    A fascinating interview with Clive Merrison, the actor best known for his BBC Radio portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, having played the part from 1989 to 2010.
    "There’s a photograph of me and I look exactly like the Sidney Paget drawing – much more than any other Sherlock Holmes."
    Sherlock's shadow
    Actor Michael Daviot explains how he finally overcame the fear of measuring up to Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett
    The Curious Case of the Missing Pilot
    An in-depth look at the unaired pilot episode of the acclaimed BBC Sherlock series, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, and the differences between it and the version that was finally broadcast.
    Hats off to Sidney Paget
    "No other artist is more responsible for Holmes’s trademark deerstalker". 
    The name's Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes
    David Stuart Davies assesses the unlikely casting of Roger Moore as the great detective.
    Wonder Women of Sherlock
    A celebration of the women of BBC Sherlock – Molly Hooper (played by Louise Brealey), Mary Morstan (Amanda Abbington) and Mrs Hudson (Una Stubbs).
    House and Holmes
    The many similarities between the character Gregory House MD, and Sherlock Holmes and a look at some of the man references to the Conan Doyle stories.
    The Mystery of the Marquess's Jewels
    A remarkable true-life story featuring an eccentric member of the aristocracy, who was robbed of priceless jewels while watching Sherlock Holmes on stage in the West End.
    Holmes and the Honeybee
    The bee and its importance to the canonical stories.
    Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper
    Blurring the lines between fact and fiction.
    Conan Doye: Strange but True
    Fascinating facts about the creator of Sherlock Holmes.

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