Sherlock Holmes Magazine Issue 5, Summer 2021. Postage is calculated when you check out.

Issue 5

  • Details of what's inside Issue 5 of Sherlock Holmes Magazine:

    • Holmes and Doctor Who - When their universes collide
    • The real-life Irregulars
    • 18 Illustrating A Study in Scarlet
    • Adventures in audio - interview with the stars of new Big Finish Holmes drama
    • The deerstalker on screen
    • Inside Gillette Castle 
    • Did Holmes write The Book of Life?
    • Sherlockian scribblings - David Stuart Davies investigates some strange Sherlocks
    • Beyond Bell - Edinburgh influences on Conan Doyle
    • The Irregulars – meet the new Holmes and Watson
    • The magic of manga
    • Mrs Hudson’s Diary
    • The inside story of a brand new board game
    • Sherlock in Ukraine
    • Books
    • Crossword & cartoon