Sherlock Holmes Magazine


Sherlock Holmes Magazine is the brand new print magazine for all fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous creation.


This fun and informative publication is packed with articles, pictures, interviews, puzzles and more. Every incarnation of the Great Detective is covered, from the worlds of books, television film, theatre, radio, and everything in between.


You'll find articles celebrating the original canon, as well as adaptations like BBC's Sherlock, Granada TV's Sherlock Holmes, CBS's Elementary, and the many films, plays, games, comics, pastiches and spoofs.


If you love Sherlock Holmes, you'll love this magazine. The game is afoot!

Glossy, stylish, entertaining and informative. I think you'll be impressed.

The Sherlock Holmes Journal, Winter 2020

It's the range of this magazine that makes it wonderful. Instead of just taking what comes their way, the rations that fan-based Sherlockian publications, even the top of the line, have always existed on, the creator(s) of Sherlock Holmes Magazine went out of their way to capture the full range of Sherlock Holmes in this moment, along with bits of the past that are still of interest, all put together in an exciting and enjoyable manner.

Sherlock Peoria, 21 July 2020


Overall, given that this was a first issue I was very impressed... This is a far more polished product than I had expected I would receive and as a result I feel very happy and keen to get subsequent issues. This publication seems have a lot of promise.

Mysteries Ahoy, 12 July 2020